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Marineland Monthly Lecture

Please make reservations online or by calling 904-823-4500. Marineland Dolphin Adventure, 9600 Ocean Shore Blvd., St. Augustine. Limited seating is available. Tickets must be purchased online. Please bring your ticket to the Marineland gift shop on the day of the scheduled presentation to gain entry. Participants without a ticket will not be allowed entry. Please [...]

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Afternoon Insight

Click here to register. On the third Wednesday of themed educational months (February, April, June and August) from 3-4 p.m., visitors can learn about plant and animal life found in estuarine habitats. Get a closer look at a new topic each of these themed months, led by our knowledgeable volunteer docents, as well as researchers [...]

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Matanzas Inlet Walk

Click here to reserve a spot. Enjoy a free GTM Research Reserve leisurely guided interpretive walk around the Matanzas Inlet, in partnership with the National Park Service. Explore the ever-changing shoreline, tidal flats, beaches, dunes and dune vegetation. Your guide will explain the Inlet dynamics and movement of sand as the sea constantly rearranges the [...]

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Where does data come from? Explore the process through the NERRds Blog!

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into collecting and analyzing long-term meteorological data? Read the latest NERRds blog update to find out how our researchers do it! In this post, our SWMP (System-Wide Monitoring Program) team goes into detail about how raw data from our weather monitoring system is transformed into an organized report. [...]

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Marineland Monthly Lecture

Click here to make reservations online or call 904-823-4500. Lauren Watkins, White Oak Conservation Education Manager, will provide a discussion on "Conserving Florida’s Panthers: From Genetics to Rehabilitation". The Florida panther (Puma concolor) is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world, with wild populations estimated to be less than 130 individuals in a restricted [...]

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Check Out the New NERRds Blog Post!

We like to stay informed on the activities our researchers are up to, and we hope you do too! This year's first installment features a curious character and his adventures around the estuary. Stay tuned for more stories featuring Norm by reading the NERRds blog!

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Our Winter Newsletter Has Arrived!

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy our Newsletter! The Winter edition of our quarterly newsletter is here. "The Estuary Examiner" is filled with articles and information about GTM Research Reserve's education, research and stewardship programs and events. Make sure to read it for updates about current research and upcoming events. Click here to check out [...]

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NERRds on the Water Research Blog

Did you know our research scientists here at GTM Research Reserve have their own blog? The NERRds, as they affectionately call themselves, want to share information about their research and why it is important. Their blog is informative, accessible, and above all, fun! Check out this recent article on oysters and you'll be hooked! For [...]

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Spots are available to join our monthly guided exploration hike at GTM Research Reserve! The weather is set to be gorgeous, so why not go on an educational hike with one of our guides this Saturday from 8:30 - 10:30 am? Guests will learn about the cultural history of the Guana Peninsula as well as the [...]

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“Pangolins: The Armored Ambassadors” Lecture at GTM Marineland!

"Pangolins: The Armored Ambassadors" was the theme at yesterday's GTM Research Reserve lecture, in collaboration with Marineland Dolphin Adventure. GTM Education Coordinator Kenneth Rainer spoke about this unique small arboreal, nocturnal mammal. Rainer introduced "Scar," a white-bellied pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis), to the audience. To view the lecture, click here. There are eight species of pangolins distributed between Asia [...]

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