How to Become A Volunteer

Step 1: Entrance Interview and Application

Review the Volunteer Handbook to familiarize yourself with the GTM Research Reserve policies and procedures.
Complete and return a Volunteer Application to the Volunteer Coordinator.
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your application was received and set an interview time or find out when the next orientation is available by viewing the Volunteer Calendar below.
Attend an orientation meeting as soon as possible before or following your interview (which ever comes first).

Step 2: Attend a New Volunteer Orientation

This orientation is similar to that which you would receive as a new employee. Items that will be covered during your orientation are:

Background of the Reserve
Overview of Available Opportunities
Volunteer Rights and Benefits
Volunteer Responsibilities
Volunteer Sign Up
Tour Environmental Education Center

Step 3: Reporting to your Assignment

After your orientation, look at the Volunteer Calendar to view available positions.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (904) 823-4500 to schedule your initial assignment or subsequent training and shadowing that may be necessary.

Job Description Archive

Administration – The GTM Research Reserve utilizes volunteers in virtually every facet of the operation. We appreciate and encourage those interested in helping with administrative duties (i.e. data entry, clerical assistance, and more!) to become involved on a regular or occasional basis depending on the job and needs. Click here for a list of current and future administrative projects.

Education – The GTM Research Reserve sees over 5,000 students per year in its K-16 environmental education programs in addition to the variety of community education presentations, teacher workshops, and other special events or outreach activities. We use volunteers in virtually every facet of the education program from curriculum development to program facilitation to summer camp helpers, and beyond! Click here for a list of current and future education programs.

Research – The GTM Research Reserve conducts biological monitoring and research in a number of projects that vary from year to year and time of year. Some are led by on-staff biologists and others are volunteer-led programs. Listed below is a sampling of programs that take place at the reserve. Click here for a list of current and future research activities.

Stewardship – The GTM Research Reserve strives to provide the conservation of natural and cultural resources. In order to do so, a variety of stewardship and resource management activities are in place. Many are volunteer lead and organized. Click here for a list of current and future stewardship activities.

Volunteer Alerts

For updates on the latest volunteer needs, highlights on new programs, photos of volunteers in action, and more- check out the GTM Research Reserve Volunteer News!

For information about volunteering please review the Volunteer Handbook and other resources listed on this page. If you are still interested, fill out a Volunteer Application and return to the GTM Research Reserve Environmental Education Center.

Resources for Current Volunteers

Volunteer Tools, Project Homepages, and other resources, are located at the GTM Research Reserve Volunteer Resource Center.

Please find a few shortcuts here for use by current GTM Research Reserve Volunteers.