September is Microplastic Awareness Month!

Overall Microplastic (GTM Research Reserve) Create bar charts The GTM Research Reserve joined the Florida Microplastics Awareness Project in 2015! Since joining, our researchers and volunteers have collected monthly water samples from 14 locations, filtered the samples, and collected data on the different types and amounts of microplastics within our waters. Our researchers and volunteers [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday

Our researchers found these guys in Guana River. Here are two microscopic zooplankton species - A Favella species has eaten a Ceratium species. Favella is a tintinnid ciliate. Tintinnids are a vital link in aquatic food chains as they are the 'herbivores' of the plankton. They feed on phytoplankton (algae and cyanobacteria) and in turn act as food for larger [...]

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From Nursery to Planting: 4-H Hydroponic Growing Experiment

The St. Johns Marine Ecology 4-H Club, in collaboration with the GTM Research Reserve, recently got the full salt marsh experience! The 4-H Club received a Service Learning in Aquatic and Marine Education and Conservation grant to test out the use of different substrates to use in order to grow smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) plugs. The plugs [...]

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Marineland Lecture – Available LIVE via Google Hangout on Air

Don't worry if you didn't get tickets to our upcoming Marineland Lecture. On Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. EST tune-in to watch our Marineland Lecture LIVE (click here to access). Chris Coco, Director of Zoological Operations, Fishes and Invertebrates at the Georgia Aquarium will discuss his work with the very cool sand tiger [...]

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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from the GTM Research Reserve! For some outdoor fun this weekend come check out booth (and many more) at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Earth Day celebration (click here for more details) and the Bartram Bash & Earth Day event (click here for more details).

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