Do you want to get up close and personal with creepy creatures of the night? Come to the Estu-Scary Festival and Haunted Forest on either Oct. 27, 28 or 29 to meet a few of our resident critters. Learn about typically frightening animals, such as spiders, bats, snakes and bugs at the Kid-Friendly area. Meet our resident ambassadors – “Cornflake the Corn Snake” (Pantherophis guttatus) and “Terry the Diamondback Terrapin” (Malaclemys terrapin). You might even see a few other critters like crown conches (Melongena corona)!

If everyone is still feeling brave, explore the Haunted Forest where things go bump in the night! The Estu-Scary Festival, including games and Halloween candy, is free. The Haunted Forest trail ticket is $6.

To reserve your Trail Ticket, click here. For more information, please call 904-823-4500.