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K-12 Environmental Education Programs

Our experiential programs are designed with a balanced approach of meeting teacher’s needs in the classroom and introducing students to the Reserve’s research and stewardship activities. Our education program’s philosophy is that students, while onsite, are immersed in experiential, problem-based learning opportunities that focus on the scientific process. In addition to teaching students responsible ways to utilize technology for research, we provide students with equipment relevant to what science professionals utilize.

General information about our programs:

  • Fee: $10/trip (non-refundable) + $140/trip (if the lead teacher(s) do not participate in our upcoming 2017/2018 Teacher on the Estuary professional development opportunity)
  • Reservations are required (see tabs below to begin reservation)
  • Number of Students/Day: Minimum 15 students; Maximum 50 students (per day)
  • Number of Teachers/Chaperones per Day: must be a 10:1 student:teacher/chaperone ratio with no more than 6 chaperones per visit
  • Program Length: Two hours long (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.); welcome to bring/eat lunch at picnic tables afterwards

Click on the tabs below for more information and to reserve a date for your school group. For a detailed description of our Education Program (goals, objectives, alignment, resources) please click here.

Education Program Test