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Join GTM Research Reserve partnered with the National Parks Service on this guided interpretive walk around the Matanzas Inlet. Your guide will explain the inlet dynamics and movement of the sand as the sea constantly rearranges the shore. Hikers will explore the incredibly rich and diverse communities of plants and animals throughout the ecosystem and witness how hurricanes have affected the inlet. This event meets at the Matanzas Inlet west parking lot at 9:15. The hike begins promptly at 9:30 (click here for map). The event is free, but online registration is required.

  1. Do I need a reservation to attend? Yes, please register online by following the link provided above.
  2. If I can’t make it, how do I cancel my reservation? Upon making the reservation you should have received an email confirmation. There is information about canceling within the email. We strongly encourage you to cancel (as opposed to just not showing up), so that we may accommodate another person/family.
  3. What should I wear? Please wear clothing that is appropriate for outdoors. It’s always recommended to dress in layers and prepare for any type of weather. We strongly encourage that you wear closed-toe shoes, and strongly discourage wearing flip-flops. You will be walking along the water, so be prepared to get your shoes sandy.
  4. How long is the walk? From the Inlet, to the beach side, and back again- the walk is about one mile. The walk is about 1.5 hours.
  5. What should I bring? Please bring a reusable water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen (highly recommended), and binoculars/camera. If you want to collect shells as you walk, bring a beach bag.
  6. Can I bring my dog? You are welcome to bring your dog. Please keep in mind that all dogs must remain on a leash, and all waste must be promptly cleaned by the owner. Please be mindful of other visitors when bringing a dog.
  7. Where should I meet my guide? CLICK HERE for a Google Map. Your guide will be waiting at the western parking lot on A1A, just north of the Inlet Bridge and the Town of Marineland at 9:15 a.m. The event begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.
  8. What will I learn from this? Explore the ever-changing shoreline, tidal flats, beaches, dunes and dune vegetation. Your guide will explain the Inlet dynamics and movement of sand as the sea constantly rearranges the shore. Hikers are encouraged to bring cameras and binoculars to record and observe a variety of birds, plants and animals.
  9. Are there any fees? No.
  10. Is there anything else to see afterwards? You’re welcome to stay at the inlet or beach to spend the day by the water.