Though Florida doesn’t celebrate Arbor Day the same time as everyone else, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate our trees!

Fun Facts:

Florida designated the Sabal palmetto palm Sabal palmetto as the official state tree in 1953. Sabal palm trees grow up to 20 m in height. Sabal is a fan-palm native to the southeastern United States, Cuba, and the Bahamas.

In 2004, the Arbor Day Foundation held a survey on its website to let visitors decide what tree species should be designated as the national tree. The mighty oak came in first with a total of 101,000 votes. Taking second place was the redwood with 81,000 votes. Rounding out the top five vote-getters were the dogwood, maple, and pine. In December 2004, Congress officially approved legislation making the oak America’s national tree.


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