Enjoy an evening reception at the “State of the Reserve” while additional researchers present their work at a poster session.

Presentations include:

Emily Jane Murray, Heritage Monitoring Scouts (HMS Florida): A Pilot Program in Citizen Science Site Monitoring at the GTM Research Reserve

Jennifer Raabe, Vertical distribution of meroplankton in a well-mixed estuary

Pam Marcum, Long-term intertidal oyster reef monitoring within the GTM Research Reserve: the first years

Mathew Monroe, Reef scale variability of oyster settlement in relation to immersion time and post-settlement processes

Trinity Hopkins, Cataloguing the St. Augustine Municipal Marina Green Sea Turtle Population

Carrie Schuman, Oysters as Filter Feeders: The Role of Density and Reef Height

Ada Bersoza, Restoring the Eastern oyster: how much progress has been made in nearly 25 years of effort?

To register for the State of the Reserve, click here. For more information, call 904-823-4500.