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National Geographic Films Sea Turtle Emergence at GTM!

A National Geographic WILD film crew visited our beaches last week to capture a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) nest emergence on camera. After five days of braving thunderstorms and pulling all-nighters, the crew was finally successful on their last night. Early Sunday morning, they recorded a partial nest emergence of 12-16 hatchlings. "Just goes to show that persistence [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday!

This week's weird animal comes from the bottom of the ocean and can camouflage into its environment. You guessed it! It's a gulf flounder (Paralichthys albigutta). This fish was found during an ocean seining with our 10-12 year-old ocean week campers. You can see one of the campers comparing this flounder to the identification sheet. Unlike most fish, [...]

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Welcome, Rudder!

The GTM Research Reserve acquired a rudder from the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. A rudder is the primary control for steering any vessel that travels through water or air. This particular 14-foot mechanism is believed to come from a 500-ton ship from the early 1800s. A portion of the rudder seems to be [...]

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Great Blue Heron Rescue During Butterfly Count!

Yesterday marked the 42nd Annual North American Butterfly Association’s Butterfly Count at the GTM Research Reserve, which ended with a surprising twist! Scientists have discovered that butterflies signify a healthy ecosystem. NABA, consisting of people in Canada, United States and Mexico interested in butterflies, conducts long-term monitoring of butterfly populations. One of the goals of the [...]

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Adventures in the Estuary: Seabin Project

This week, the GTM Research Reserve's Adventures in the Estuary (10-12 year old) campers focus on the issue of marine debris! Soda cans, plastic bags, and other sources of debris can cause a major threat to ocean life. To help create a solution to this growing challenge, the campers are building a device that acts as [...]

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