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  • GTM Research Reserve

GTM Strategic Planning Public Meeting

Share your input with GTM Research Reserve! Interested in learning about the strategic planning of GTM Research Reserve while also providing input? Join us Wednesday, March 8 from 6-8 pm at the GTM Environmental Education Center [...]

  • SWMP data blog post

Where does data come from? Explore the process through the NERRds Blog!

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into collecting and analyzing long-term meteorological data? Read the latest NERRds blog update to find out how our researchers do it! In this post, our SWMP [...]

  • wildlife

Celebrate World Wildlife Day!

Today is World Wildlife Day! World Wildlife Day 2017 focuses on the ongoing threats to wildlife, which includes habitat change and trafficking. Come visit GTM Research Reserve and experience your local wildlife. Learn more about the history of [...]

Florida Invasive Plant Week: Kalanchoe

Today marks the end of Florida Invasive Species Week and the beginning of National Invasive Species Awareness Week. According to the US Department of Agriculture, an invasive plant is defined as, "A plant that is both [...]

  • hike the GTM trails

Take a Hike This Month!

February is Florida Hiking Trails Month. Come explore what GTM Research Reserve has to offer! Celebrate the cool weather by taking a hike on some of our 8 miles of trails. Whether you want to search [...]

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