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GTM Launches Pilot Program with UNF Students

Attention all UNF students who enjoy the outdoors! We have the perfect opportunity for you! The Friends of the GTM Reserve is offering for a limited time an all-inclusive EcoPASS to current UNF students for just $15. (This offer is a $38 discount on regular annual pass!) It includes a Friends of the GTM Reserve membership, which entitles you [...]

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Estuary Week is Back!

Estuary Week is back for our 4-6 and 7-9 year-old summer campers! Starting Monday, campers will participate in hands-on activities that focus on their coastal environment and the biodiversity of the estuary. Some of last year's activities included kayaking, ocean seining, ocean art projects, research projects, and games! This year's Estuary Week will focus on the estuary habitat. [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday!

This week's weird animal comes from the bottom of the ocean and can camouflage into its environment. You guessed it! It's a gulf flounder (Paralichthys albigutta). This fish was found during an ocean seining with our 10-12 year-old ocean week campers. You can see one of the campers comparing this flounder to the identification sheet. Unlike most fish, [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday!

This week's Weird Animal Wednesday really packs a punch! Last Wednesday, the 10-12 year-old Ocean Week campers found a mantis shrimp over by Shell Bluff Road during an ocean seining! The mantis shrimp is one of the fiercest stomatopods in the ocean because of their mighty punch, massive size and incredible eyesight. This isn't the [...]

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Adventures in the Estuary: Seabin Project

This week, the GTM Research Reserve's Adventures in the Estuary (10-12 year old) campers focus on the issue of marine debris! Soda cans, plastic bags, and other sources of debris can cause a major threat to ocean life. To help create a solution to this growing challenge, the campers are building a device that acts as [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday

It's that time of the week! Weird Animal Wednesday presents a green heron chick! One of our summer camp counselors found a baby green heron along with two other chicks! This picture was taken Monday during the first day of our Ocean Week Summer Camp. When these chicks are fully grown, they'll have a long [...]

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Summer Camp Fun!

There’s a lot of fun happening here at the GTM Research Reserve! Yesterday marked the first day of GTM’s Ocean Week Summer Camp for our 4-6 and 7-9 year-old campers. We’ve already learned about the power of Hydrogen! These little scientists are testing the pH levels of vegetables and commonly used liquids such as lemon juice [...]

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